Viajera (noun) Spanish word for traveler or my personal interpretation for wanderlust

Viajera started as an initiative to share my love of travel. I’m originally from Ecuador but I have been exploring and living abroad for the past 10 years. The idea for this blog came up in a trip with friends. As I walked with them through Madrid (a city I lived in for three years), showing them all those streets, cafes and hidden spots that I discovered while I was there, they suggested I start a blog to describe my favorite places.

This is a blog dedicated to give tips, destination itineraries and advice for doing something I like to do the most, exploring. Viajera invites you to discover cities, to walk as I walked through them. I have done this so many times with friends, who regularly tell me they’ve used my lists and itineraries to share with their friends. Now I want to share them with more people.

Join me and wander, own the places you visit, make them yours, and experience them as I did!

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