"Quito offers quirky surprises; it's the capital city located closest to the sun" -Lea Lane

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The Coffee Route in La Floresta

In the last couple of years La Floresta has been transforming into a young neighborhood with design shops, cafes and bars. There are some new cafes that are really transforming the area and are worth trying.

El Pobre Diablo: a classic in Quito

Even if you are living in Quito or just passing by, El Pobre Diablo is one of those timeless bars that has been around for over 20 years and it always has something good going on.

Weekend Run & Breakfast in CumbayĆ”

If you like to jog, walk or cycle, or even if you just want a morning of sunshine and fresh air, the place to do it is in CumbayĆ”. And why not treat yourself for a nice breakfast later.